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I need some help finding a cost basis on some stocks so I can calculate captial gains. My dad had some stock in the now-defunct Transamerica Corp (former symbol: TA), with an adjusted basis date of 12/10/1975. In 1999, AEGON, N.V. (AEG) purchased Transamerica, and the TA stock was exchanged for AEG stock. Last summer, he sold his AEG stock.

I have been unable to find:

The closing price of Transamerica (TA) on 12/10/75.
The closing prices of Transamerica and AEGON (AEG) on the effective date of acquisition, which was sometime in the summer of 1999.
The exchange ratio of TA to AEG.

If he sold 200 shares of AEGON last summer, what was the cost basis going back to 1975?

I'd very much appreciate any help with this. Thanks.
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