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Does anyone have a review of isoft's Stockwiz Pro tracking program. It would appear to be similar to TC2000 but not quite as capable and the updates are only available once per day.


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I've been looking into the StockWiz program also, but haven't ordered the CD or done the 100MB download of historical data.

The price($100/yr) is lower than most, but their user forum shows a lot of dissatisfaction.

If you have had some experience with the StockWiz folks, please let me know. Thanks.

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I did the 100mb download, got the password from tech
support to open and install stockwiz. The screening is
very limited unless you want too take the time to learn
and write in the stockwiz formula language. When asked,
they declined to give me a 30 day trial to there EOD
updates that is stated on there web site. For the most
part I found this program cumbersome and slow (and I'm
running a p450). They want you to buy there service up
front. There web site has a link to a message board
wheree I read a lot of similar complaints, especially
about Stockwiz import/export feature not working.
My overall rating a pig in a poke.

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