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I learned today that a search for Roth Ira did not always turn up the main article due to the capital letter problem. Only the first letter of a Wiki title is not case sensitive. So multi-word titles are missed if the second and subsequent words are not capitalized correctly. I corrected the Roth problem by redirecting Roth ira and Roth to Roth IRA.

A second problem is that Wiki search now directs all Roth queries to that master article. It seems there are dozens of articles from outside services now included in Wiki on various aspects of a Roth IRA, but these are difficult to find because redirect blocks the search.

We have a search function that finds related Motley Fool articles from the Wiki article keywords. A similar search function would allow the master article to list all of the other Wiki articles that contain the key words in the title. This would make the master article the starting point for much additional information.
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