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The supplemental draft will be held at 10AM MDT on Saturday, September 1.

Here is the draft order as of August 24.

1. Jackson Hole
2. Central Valley
3. Malibu
4. Washington
5. California
6. Galapagos
7. Arizona
8. Emerald City
9. New York
10. St. George
11. Chesapeake
12. Vernal
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We have three teams that didn’t make the 120 game deadline, CVC, SGS and AZH. Here are the total games played number as of this morning, Saturday, Sep 1.

AZH 117 CAD 132
ECO 120 CVC 117
GAT 123 CHC 132
JAG 120 MAW 129
NYK 126 SGS 111
VEE 129 WAG 126

Here are the missing series. If any of these games have been played that would allow CVC, AZH and SGS to participate in the draft, please forward to me ASAP before the draft today.

Jul 2-4, AZH at JAG
Jul 6-8, CVC at SGS
Jul 13-15, JAG at AZH
Jul 16-18, NYK at AZH
Jul 27-29, SGS at JAG
Jul 30-Aug 1, JAG at SGS
Aug 3-5, CVC at AZH
Aug 6-8, GAT at SGS
Aug 17-19, SGS at GAT
Aug 20-22, ECO at WAG
Aug 24-26, CVC at ECO
Aug 27-29, ECO at CVC
Aug 31-Sep 2, SGS at AZH, WAG at ECO, CVC at GAT, MAW at NYK

Draft order based on current standings
1. JAG
2. MAW
3. WAG
4. CAD
5. GAT
6. NYK
7. ECO
8. VEE
9. CHC
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