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I rode around to some of "our" places, the supermarket where I found her at the rescue group's pet stand back in August 2001. The park where we used to go walking at times.

I sat in the parking lot and wrote in my journal, walked around some, and eventually made it back to the high tech vet around 230 pm and that's when the surgeon called me. I told him I had just pulled in the parking lot and I could come in and talk to him.

When I walked in, the receptionists smiled at me, I tried not to read much into it, but she showed me to a room and did a happy dance and said Sweetum's came through the surgery and was awake. They were all checking up on her. I just broke down and little girl came through okay.

The surgeon said he saw lots of inflammation, might have been an ulcer, some irritation/foreign body that perforated the intestine and the body attacked it by clumping up and narrowing. He took out the section of intestine and re-attached the ends. She had plenty of fecal matter backed up in there and she really hasn't eaten much food since Sunday night. He said it doesn't completely rule out cancer, will have to wait for the pathology report.

She'll be in ICU all weekend, he will give me updates each morning and I can go visit her.

I went to visit her after talking to him. I had never been back there before. It's a huge medical facility. She was in one of the lower crates....not metal but plastic formed with metal door. They had a warming blanket over her because she was shivering coming out of anesthaesia and there was an IV, she looked up at me when I sat down and I petted on her and talked to her. She was doing fine.

Surgeon said he cut from the sternum to her navel. She's a strong little dog and I'm glad she made it through surgery.

Next thing is see how she does over the weekend, see what the lab report said on intestine and if all goes well, she may come home Monday or Tuesday. I'm just holding on to the fact, she's alive and doing well and she wasn't riddled with cancer inside of her.

I thank everyone for your positive energy and concern.

Sweetum's mom
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I think most of us have been through your pain. In fact, reading your posts reminds me of my precious Major, a part Blue Tick Pointer and part English Setter. What a wonderful companion he was for me as I was going to a divorce and upheaval in my life. Major lived to be 18 years of age. I still love him.

But, I now have my little June Bug, who is so full of love and life (just like Major), and who is such a blessing.

My God look over Sweetum (and you). I will be praying for both of you.

Donna and June Bug (along with Jessica and Princess - the cats)
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I haven't been posting but you & Sweetums have been on my min & in my prayers. I'm glad to see this update & continued prayers & good thoughts headed to you.

Michele, Mews & Zuri
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Happy dancing all around!
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