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Anaiis V. Flox is a wonderful writer who, among many other things, contributes to the "BlogHer" site on the subjects of sex, love, and health.

On Google+ she is immensely popular, with over half a million fans. One of her essays is circulating like wildfire today. Here is an all-too-brief excerpt from the middle of the story:

"That's sad," said the little girl, "I'm not lonely, I'm with my mommy."

Her mother seemed to materialize at the words, carrying a clear Subway bag with sandwiches inside.

"Alyssa," she called, visibly unsettled by the sight of her daughter talking to a strange woman at an airport.

Alyssa rose and ran to her, but in the middle of the walkway, she paused and turned back around.

"Alyssa!" her mother called again.

The little girl walked back to me slowly and handed me her stuffed animal.

"Don't get lonely, okay?" she said to me. "Talk to the cat."

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It's worth a visit. This gal has humanity, style, and intelligence in full measure.

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