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Not much discussion on this board, but hopefully we can pick it up a bit.

I've just finished reading the Solution and am half way though Mr. Loftis' book (both of which were recommended through this board and are very good at explaining the basics).

But, as I try to research the tax lien/deed sale specifics of certain counties in my area, I am landslided with information from private companies wishing to sell me their products on how to make money in this process, here is a list of the county sales dates, how to bid, etc.

Does anyone know of a specific website that you can access detailing this information for free (don't you just love people telling you that you'll make thousands if you only give them $200? Haha). If there is no website, what search terms can you put into a search engine to come up with the government website detailing the sale process?

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1) Find out the address of your local court house
2) Go to each court house and ask about rules/times of auctions.
3) Attend a few auctions.
4) You will be an expert, write a book.

There is a low probability that you will not find any bargains at these auctions unless you work near the auction site or put a very low value for your time.
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