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The Old Fool Sez;

The reason I posted my previous posts here is because I felt the pain out there among you all who were so foolish as to buy this stock in the twenties and the thirties when it was first "Discovered and Recommended" by the Motley Fool.

I was simply trying to keep you from making that wondrous move that I myself have done so many of called "Buying at the Top and Selling at the Bottom". If my meagre efforts have saved any of you from ruin, my efforts have been fulfilled. The dearth of comment by those of you interested in this stock gives me pause, however. Does anyone out there still have their position in this stock?

Today, May 23, the stock posted some more good news about a new printer. In the charts I have seen many of the short positions closed, and quite a few genuine long positions being established. (Actually, most of the really significant long positions were established on May 4, 5, and 6.)

You have seen a large gain North from the announcement of the casino contract. Tomorrow you will see another significant gain due to the new printer coming on line.

To those of you foolishly hoping to buy more at a better price, you are much too late. The ultimate buy point was at opening on May 6 which was below $7.

As of this point in time, the charts show a nice wedge formation to the upside with another possible breakout happening tomorrow due to the new printer. There is a lot of overhead to go through, but there are still quite a few short positions out there to be closed which may make a lot of that overhead disappear in short order.

One thing about the Elephants, (Major Market Makers), they always have the ability to surprise and terrify. The Earnings Report "Crack the Whip" price movement was the nastiest reversal I have ever experienced.

The $7.80 Gap from May 9 was filled on May 11, and there are no gaps left unfilled until we get to the $13 - $17 gap from the March report.

On May 17, these technical indicators crossed into the "Buy Now Mode": RSI, MACD, STOCH, OBV, and almost every other one I could plot.

None of which I use in my own analysis except as confirmation of actions already taken using Candlesticks, Trendlines, and Fundamentals.
Those Fundamentals have come from examining the parameters used by the Motley Fool in their research of their own recommendations.

So, you are in a good place here at the Fool if you are looking for really good stocks and don't wish to delve into all those nasty numbers.

Please give me an email call if I've helped you. I hate doing all this discussion in Public and have severe reservations about further participation.


The Old Fool
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I established my long position on May 3rd, and I am happy with it. I got in because I am long-term, and didn't see much downside. Then the CC made me a little nervous, but that's never a reason to sell. Unfortunately, I didn't buy more either. So I hung in, and obviously made the right choice by not selling. Thanks for the post, as it's good to have a stock that appears to be trending upward (contrary to some others I have)...

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Hi, Just wondering if you've had any recent feelings on TACT. We're below that $7 point again and was contimplating grabbing a few shares.
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Oops, sorry bout messing up the pricing. Its going for about $8.60
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