No. of Recommendations: 3

1) A lot of Obama's buddies, the Rev Wright Clan and Holder and crew...first thought that Zimmerman was a


with a name like Zimmerman, you know it had to be a Jew hunting down black men....

2) The trial never mentioned LEAN...or the fact that Martin's liver was degraded from serious use of Lean - a PCP like substance (like MDX) that gives you a euphoric high but also gives you paranoid episodes.

3) The press never mentioned that the 'ice tea' and 'candy' were 2 of the 3 ingredients for making Lean....his current drug of choice.

4) You never heard that Martin took 55 minutes to 'walk' 0.6 miles in the rain. In the rain!...... from the store to where the incident occurred.

5) You never heard that Martin had levels of pot in his blood at the autopsy...not only high on pot...but likely having paranoid episodes.

6) You never heard that Martin was considered a MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) expert.......

7) You never saw the nude female photos , the pictures of the gun on his bed, the pictures of all the jewelry on his bed

8) You never heard about his school locker full of gold chains and rings and burglary tools.

All your information is why we will NOT see a civil trial brought against George Zimmerman. My understanding is rules of evidence are much less stringent.

The story-line would crumble and hence the money stream would at least diminish if not entirely dry up. It is much better to take advantage of all the irrationality than go to civil trial and risk all.

George Zimmerman is/was an Obama Democrat. He is of African, European, and Hispanic descent. He came to the aid of a homeless black man prior to his run in with Martin when no one else would . . . and prevailed against the Sanford police . . . the very police who initially exonerated him. If there was any shred of evidence of wrong doing on the part of Zimmerman, wouldn't one think they'd have the motive to be extra thorough?

Yes, there is racism surrounding Zimmerman and his family and racists Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and their ilk could very well destroy him if not outright kill him.
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