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>> Closing out the March period with 98 million registered users and averaging 431 million page views a day, Terra Lycos remains a growing force that will flourish if the ad market comes back. While 76% of the company's sponsors now come from popular offline brands rather that fly-by-dot-coms, that matters little if rates continue to shrink.

Personally, I don't believe the stats when it comes to Lycos/Terra., as well as the major lycos properties like ragingbull, hotbot, are sites which I simply don't believe generate the traffic that is commonly attributed to them. I don't know why, but I suspect flawed measurement methodology.

Here is another way of viewing popularity of major web portals. It is somewhat old, but the technique used to measurement popularity is valid in my view, and shows with less than 1/10th of's traffic. This ratio fits my subjective impression of the relative popularity of these two sites (for example).

Here is a link to the report to which I refer:

Is there any way to obtain a detailed breakdown of traffic per TRLY domain? This I think would help to pinpoint the source of the inaccurate traffic measurements.

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I did some research (using google :), and it seems that this is an old topic.

See for example,

Doesn't look like there was anything conclusive resolved from it though.

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Recent Wired article questioning the lengths TRLY goes to get page views:

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