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Thanks for the great detail about life in India.

I've been on mission for detail myself as I've just received my first Australian checks -- or should I say "cheques" -- now that I'm back in the USA, where I cannot simply ask the tellers how to properly cash them (ie. do I sign them on the back as I would a US check, etc). I haven't used a check in a long time as electronic bill payment (BPay) is so common in Australia. Had to dig up my checkbook for a whole host of purchases (health insurance, etc).

I'm haven't fully found the answer to my question, but my inquiries are turning up interesting things, like "crossing" cheques:

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I'm not here regularly as I don't have regular Internet access at the moment, but I love catching up on all the great messages (here, on the rest of my fav discussion boards, and elsewhere on the web).


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