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So, what's everyone making? For the main dish, we're having sauteed veggies in puff pastry. Sides will be mashed potatoes, dressing, green beans, glazed carrots, roasted brussels sprouts, and sweet potato casserole. Dessert is apple pie, pumpkin pie, chocolate buttermilk pie, and gingerbread cookies.

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That sounds awesome, 1DEG.

We're having Christmas dinner for Thanksgiving this year and TG dinner for Christmas, due to the kids coming home for Christmas but having TG with inlaws. They miss our traditional TG meal and want a do-over for Christmas. But they're both bringing a couple of our family dishes to their respective Thanksgivings at inlaws today.

As for our Thanksgiving meal today, others are bringing all appetizers and desserts--what a load off my plate that is as I get older! I'm so glad I instituted this practice a few years ago.

I'm serving cauliflower-fennel-leek soup as the first course, followed by a fall salad: grapes--or sliced pears if they're ripe when I put it together early this afternoon--toasted walnuts and feta over mesclun leaves with hubby's awesome homemade balsamic dressing, followed by main course (embarrassed to confess it here, but it's prime rib, which DH has in the oven already, with homemade horseradish sauce), mashed parsnips & potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, onions and butternut squash with herbes de provence, and cranberry-orange sauce. It would be easy for a vegetarian or even a vegan to assemble a nice meal out of these dishes. No vegans today, but I plate the salads individually and could easily omit feta from some of them, and I could remove vegan portions of soup before adding the cream, adding cashew cream instead or just omitting for a lighter soup.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I'd love to hear about more vegetarian/vegan holiday feasts.
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I don't cook the Thanksgiving dinner--my relatives do (they own a diner and they close it for the public on holidays and the family gets together there--so they make everything there pretty much).

They had turkey, ham, and 2 types of kielbasa--but also tons and tons of stuff I could eat:

mashed rutabagas
baked rounds of sweet potatoes with brown sugar-butter glaze
cranberry sauce--both canned and homemade
mashed potatoes
cole slaw
fruit platter
raw veggie platter w/sour cream dip

And it's not vegetarian but I ate some shrimp w/cocktail sauce (I eat seafood on rare occasions--the next time will be Christmas Eve when they have the shrimp as well as fried haddock)

Things that were vegetarian but I didn't have because they contain gluten:

macaroni salad
bread tray w different types of bread and butter
nut roll
poppyseed roll

I did bring my 'world famous salad' (that was a joke) of shredded lettuce, shredded carrots for color, a block of crumbled NY style extra sharp cheddar, HB eggs, and 3 Cheese Ranch dressing.

I also made cookies and candy--all gluten-free: pumpkin-walnut fudge, pumpkin shortbread, pumpkin raisin cookies w/orange-cream cheese glaze, and cranberry pecan bread (also drizzled with some orange-cream cheese glaze on top).

I also did eat some pie--there were many different types (pumpkin--duh--apple crumb, peanut butter chocolate mousse, lemon meringue) I ate slivers of some of them including most of the crust....I don't have celiac's but am just gluten intolerant---I can have a 'little' gluten without much effect--just not alot.
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