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I am attending, again, a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. It is usually pretty heavy on the carbs and fat and sweets, so I always volunteer to contribute vegtables. I've done assorted beets in balsamic vinegar sauce, roasted root vegtables, sauteed brussel sprouts, a more healthful version of the green-bean casserole and pearl onions and peas in a cream sauce (only once by special request).

I am running out of ideas, even tho I'm looking at various recipe websites. Can you help with some interesting vegtable recipies for the Thanksgiving meal?

Only consideration is that the oven at the venue is off-limits because it is full of turkey and ham. I will have to prepare the veggies ahead of time and reheat either on the stove top or in a microwave. (Time between leaving home and having the meal is about two hours.)

Please share your holiday veggie recipes with me. I'm crossposting with Gestalt of Cooking and the other food site on TMF. Thanks!!!
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May I suggest Lady Jake's famous Stuffed Cauliflower?

1 box long grain and wild rice mix
sliced black olives
onion (chopped)
red pepper

Cook above in with rice mix adding 1/8 cup additional water.

Whole cauliflower
broccoli florets

Cut cauliflower along florets to form a top and a bottom
Lightly steam cauliflower and broccoli

Dot bottom of pan with butter
First cauliflower bottom, then rice mixture on and around bottom
Dot with butter and cover with shredded cheese (I like sharp cheddar)
Put top on bottom - cover with cheese

Place broccoli florets around the edges
Tomato wedges on top of cauliflower top (I shape them like a star)
if you use a round pan (lg. cast iron frying pan works good) it comes out looking like a wreath

Bake at 350 for approx. 20 minutes, or until cheese is melted.

Good hot or cold. You can add whatever veggie you want to the rice mix when you cook it - I just made a few suggestions...

Last time I made it, I added shrimp sauteed in butter, lemon and garlic and it was sensational!

Looks complicated, but it's really not! AND it is delicious!!

Lady Jake
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One of my newish favorites is this:

I found the recipe two or three years ago, and it's been a major hit at all the Thanksgivings since. I also add some craisins (maybe about a cup? I seem to remember it was about the same amount as the pecans) when I add the pecans and fresh parsley. (Tastes great, and makes it look all festive. :)

It is really, really good. (I love the first comment below the recipe... the reader had given up on the dish because she feared for her fingers when cutting the squash. Then when she tasted it, she decided it would be worth losing a finger for, it was that good.)

Hope you like! I highly recommend. (And you can make it ahead, no problem. I've done it up the beginning of step 3 the day before, and finished it the next day, and it was great.)

~mary anna
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