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O.K., so there's not quite one hundred on this list;-)

Given the recent rash of these lists, most notably this one by Time Magazine - - I thought I'd produce something similar for this venue to try to answer the question who are the most influential fools?

I'm not talking about the courtjesters, I'm not talking about the most recommended (especially if that crown was earned exclusively by entertaining the inmates in the Asylum;-) and I'm not talking about the most popular (necessarily, though the top FF list is well represented here) either. This is my list of the fools I believe are the most influential on the discussion boards of this site.

I don't know, nor do I really care, about this Feste Award thing. My thinking tends towards this - - TMF management includes and/or omits those from their list based upon a number of factors with which I may/may not agree. After all, that's their list ... and this is mine:

1HappyFool 4inthefamily AbsGal alchook AngryCandy AtlantaDon averagjoe BlueDeuce bookgrrrl BoxerBoy BruceBrown BuildMWell callisto2 CaveGirl cordob dbphoenix DirtyDingus DoctorBombay Domingoknife DuckVersion8 Earble ejandresen elann EliasFardo ETurkey Fireballs FoolYap FrozenCanuck golfwaymore Goofyhoofy gritton hereandnow howardroark impolite IndecisiveFool intercst jaworrell jbking JBtheJunkist JeffFischer JimiH3ndrix jiml8 LAPropDoc leighsah Leviathan LorenCobb LQueiros LtUhura LurkerMom MacMurph MichaelRead MikeBuckley millerpim mishedlo MoeBruin PoodleLover ramsfanray RodgerRafter ROTJob SaintCroix sandyleelee schickbrithouse SeattlePioneer Sedated SirYoda sofaking6 sonofed spl241 stkhawk StringCheeseMark swimdad TamarianG TheBullet Tiddman TinkerShaw TMF2Aruba TMFAdmiral TMFBogey TMFCheeze TMFDavidG TMFEldrehad TMFTwitty TomJacobs trenchrat VagabondRose WhitemiataXP wildgirl Windowseat WonderPup WorldRecordGuy xerohype

Unlike Time Magazine's editors who refused to include certain obvious choices on their list because (e.g.) they're "politics" are antithetic with Time's "agenda", I have strived to be "bigger" than that by including many on this list with whom I may disagree personally on those type of issues, but whom I believe belong on this list anyway.

BTW, posting exclusively to PA was NOT an automatic disqualifier. However, posting nothing but articles and/or links to other sites there to "earn" a crown was. After all, if the fool discussion boards are about nothing else, they should be about posting one's OWN ideas ... and then defending them.

DISCLAIMER - this list was compiled based upon the boards I follow, your results may vary;-)

If I inadvertantly included a fool on the list above twice 'cause they've changed userids and I didn't catch it, sue me
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