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I think that the foolish four UK, as of 15th October is:

Rank Org

any comments / disagreements ?

anyone else reading this message board ?


ps - this is the second time I've posted this, hopefully
it will get there this time !
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Hi Eddie,thanks for your input, but I still havent located a list of the FTSE 30. This would be sufficient for me to verify your UK FF. I doubt if I have the energy or the ability to analyse the history in any case and will suggest to Tom Sheard that he might take an interest in this and go International with his Tomfoolery!
Ive got some cash coming free shortly and hesitate to start another Dow FF with the US market at current levels. A UK FF has its worries in that are the UK companies in the FTSE as massive and powerful as the Yanks to ensure their eventual turnround. What do you think?
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