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The Beary End
By Rick Aristotle Munarriz (TMF Edible)
May 17, 2005

Investors won't have Vermont Teddy Bear (Nasdaq: BEAR) to kick around anymore. Last night the company announced that it would be going private at $6.50 a share through an acquisition by a Boston-based private equity firm.

The company's relationship with the market hasn't been as warm and cuddly as its signature teddy bears. Since peaking in 1994, shares of the gift specialist have meandered in the single digits...
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Just took another quick glance at BEAR and its website. Interesting little company. I may someday take a little nibble on some shares. Or not.

-markoose, 3/26/05

Heh. That was short-lived. Could have pulled in a quick and easy 30% short-term gain, too. Ah, well. (Still a little bit of a play, considering it's still a bit under the $6.50 purchase price. But I'll pass.)

It's too bad they're going private. Can't say I don't blame them, though.

Looks like most shareholders are making out on the deal, at least to some extent.

Onto other things....
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Anyone still on this board?

I have a stock certificate for X number of shares and the date issued is on the certificate.

How's the best way to find the current value?

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