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Mr. Biggs was nominated to be #2 at Social Security by Bush. His popularity at CATO a tip-off, and some indication of his seriousness. Like with all the "conservatives" he's all over the map.

Typical, he says in 2000, when America was on a bit of a path to responsibility--even Bush admitted surpluses as far as the eye could see--SS was in big trouble. Of course Bush lied, lied a thousand times more, and things much worse now.

Typical of the complete joke private retirement accounts "plans" are--this is Mr. Biggs' suggestion on how to finance them.

Cutting Corporate Welfare Could Fund a Bush Social Security Plan,"
by Andrew G. Biggs and Maya MacGuineas, A Cato Daily Commentary, January 6, 2003. This article was published in the Los Angeles Times, December 31, 2002.

Of course since then, nothing but corporate welfare, layered over with pork, slathered with piggery, with a nice dressing of more welfare on top.

So give up any hope of private retirement accounts. Not a chance it will every happen because the advocates are as unserious as Mr. Biggs, #2.

Mr. Bigglesworth.
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Andrew G. Biggs, Deputy Commissioner of Social Security

Mr. Biggs was nominated by President Bush on January 9, 2007, for a six-year term to expire January 19, 2013.

Apparently Democrats are lining up to oppose his nomination.

They certainly should. Anyone living in a fantasyland that says private retirement accounts could be funded by "eliminating pork" is obviously unfit for the #2 position and has no idea how Congress really works, especially the last six years.
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