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"The Communists in Germany often gave their lives to prevent the Nazis from destroying their country. Many died in concentration camps. Brave idealists from many countries fought in the Spanish Civil War to prevent the fascist forces of Franco from taking over. But their heirs today march through the streets of European cities chanting "We are all Hamas now!" and worse, the genocidal, "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas.""

"Something else happened, however, that was to have -- and still has -- a lasting effect on how these Romantics see the world. This was "Third Worldism," the cult of unexamined, misguided, and often exaggerated respect for the non-Western world. Built at first on understandable and even commendable instincts of pity for the poor and oppressed in Africa and Asia, this sympathy before long was turned into an instrument for hatred of the West. Here again, angry young people dreamed up shimmering visions of a Utopia from the many insanities that engulfed country after country in their favored regions. The illusion was linked to frequently naïve beliefs that saw wisdom, spirituality, and human perfection in Eastern charlatans such as Guru Maharaji and Bhagwan Shree Rajnesh. As thousands of gullible young Westerners (and not a few riper dreamers) went out to the East in a bizarre replay of late 19th-century occultism, or costly trips to Tibet or the Sahara in search of enlightenment, many more stayed at home to wage their war on the West by affiliating themselves with romanticized figures and groups from Mao Zedong to the "freedom fighters" of the PLO. Anti-colonialism was the latest chic."
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The great industrialists, like Julius Rosenwald, earned their money. So it is not surprising he was a Liberal. Now that these trust fund parasites haven't worked for two generations, it is not surprising that granddaughter Nina Rosenwald spends her fortune spreading hatred with her little club of lunatics at the Gatestone Institute.
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