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Hi all,

I've just visited CAPS for the first time, and have some comments on the FAQs.

Here are some suggested edits (which I am much better at than stockpicking!)

Step 1. Players rate stocks.

At the heart of CAPS are thousands of predictions. Players predict whether stocks will outperform or underperform the S&P 500 and over what time frame this will happen.
We compile the data, showing all the picks you have has made and all the picks for individual stocks.

(We Fools don't "have has" anything on our better days.)

Step 3. Players receive CAPS ratings.
Based on the performance of their picks, CAPS players receive a percentile rating (from 1 to 100). This rating indicates the percentage of people that player is outperforming. The higher the rating, the better!

It would read better as, "percentage of people who that player..."

That's all for the first 5 steps. Someone might want read through the entire content again, as I noticed further on that there were several commas missing. (Then again, I tend to be trigger happy when it comes to those things.)


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<<It would read better as, "percentage of people who that player is outperforming.">>

It would read still better as "percentage of people WHOM that player..." :)

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