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or perhaps maybe not.

If the FDA did indeed threaten Graham to shut up, what would its purpose be? The only explanation would be that FDA members are on the dole from Merck, and more than likely other Pharma. Since this (and other) drugs have killed people and assuming the FDA panel members were bought off, this makes them paid assassins.

An elected government that kills its own people is surely not a government of, by and for the people is it not?! The only thing that can stop our runaway bureaucracy is a revolt of the vote. Vote for smaller government and join grass-roots local campaigns to vote in candidates with at least some degree of positive ethical character - someone who eats their moral All-Bran in the morning. Someone who would feel bad for intentionally harming people by their decisions.

Or maybe this whole thing is political posturing. Who could tell in that land where everyone speaketh with forked tongue.

ab - disgusted
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