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The importance of a service or function is not the sole determining factor for whether it should be provided by the government. The main issue is whether society as a whole bears a responsibility for providing that service...Having said all that, you would be hard pressed to find anything I would consider more important than education. IMO, a community's first priority should be to provide for the safety of it's inhabitants. Fire, police, building codes, etc. Second on the list, and probably even more important in the long run, is providing for the education of its children. If a society cannot fulfill these functions for its citizenry, it will not prosper.

Things more important than education?

How about food and shelter? Even our government tells us that a child can't learn without proper nourishment.

Look at it this way. Suppose it's the middle of October and you have to make a decision for your 11 year old child. For the next 30 days, your child can have 2 of food, shelter, or education, but not all three.

Food would be the obvious first priority because the child would be dead or in very poor health at the end of 30 days without food. Then the choice is between education or shelter. IMO, shelter is more important. But some might argue with my second choice so let's just consider the first priority which is food.

Food is grown on private sector business-owned and family farms and food is processed by private processors. Private (not government) grocery stores make it available to us in various forms. If you want to go out for a prepared meal, you eat at privately owned restaurants - not government owned and operated facilities.

We enjoy a huge variety of food. Just look at the selection available in a grocery store or look at the various types of food available at restaurants in even a small town.

"Society" does not provide food for its citizens in the same sense it provides education. The education system involves government employees managing the system, teaching the classes, maintaining the buildings, etc. Education takes place in government owned buildings. Even with government food-assistance programs, the recipients are given food stamps and sent to the privately owned grocery store to get their food.

The private sector is producing significantly more food now than in the past and on much less land. We have so much we sell it to other countries by the shipload. That is another way of saying the private sector is getting more efficient at producing food.

So unless someone can convince me that being educated is more important than eating, we are left with two situations.

1. Food is more important than education. Education is so important that government must provide it. So logically food must also be so important that government must provide it and we should nationalize our farms, food processors, grocery stores, and restaurants immediately before we all starve to death.


2. Food is more important than education. Food is provided in great abundance and variety by the private sector. So serious consideration should be given to having the private sector provide education.

And if you want to consider shelter as more important than education, keep in mind that private contractors build our houses, apartments, condos, townhomes, etc. And again, we enjoy a huge variety of styles, shapes, and a wide price range.

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