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The insertion of 4.Nc3 Nf6 was also possible

Instead of 6.Bb3, 6.Bd3 or 6.Bb5+ seem more natural.

10.Nb5? is a passive plan. If you want to add protection to d4, do it in a way consistent with the plan of exchanging dark squared bishops, with moves like Qd2,Rad1 and Bh6.
His 10....Ne4 obviously takes advantage of the absence of a N on c3, but he never followed through by taking your Bg5... Strong players with a Bg7 would be very happy if their opponent allowed them to snap that B, unless the position were completely closed, with Black pawns on d6 and e5.

"I'm not sure his Rfd8 was so smart. It protects his d pawn, but is not needed, unless he wants to get his ligth-squared bishop more active elsewhere. Again, I fail to see his point with a5."
a)Humm...You overprotected your d4 pawn, and you criticize his Rfd8?
b)His a5 is a space-grabbing move which carries the threat of trapping your Bb3.

16.h3/17.Bh2?, as you noticed, was not the best defense. You might be able to get away with 16.Ne5 or even the provocative 16.Be5.

Instead of 22.Bd1, look into 22.Ne5!. Black cant play 22...N:e5,23.d:e5 B:e5 because of 24.f3 winning a piece. Likewise,22....B:e5,23.d:e5 N:e5 fails to 24.Qd4 Qd6, 25.f3.
If he doesnt do anything relevant, then you can follow with perhaps 23.N:c6/ 24.f3 and he has a backward pawn on the e-file,where you had just placed your rook.

I thought that when he played 22....Nf6 he had realized that he was weak on the light squares, but then came the blunder N:g4....
After that Black is positionally lost. Not even Qe8 helps (instead of Qc7) because you always have Bg6/Bf7 and he gets mated on g8.

Overall, you seemed to spot most of your mistakes in post-mortem analysis, and punished your opponent's careless N:g4 during the game.

My only question is: Why were you nervous during the game? When your opponent has a last name like that, you just know he will eventually make a mistake and his position will go kaputi...

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