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Where do I begin? I am new to the investing world with only three years experience. In 2000 I subscribed to IBD and have monitiored the Fool site for about a year longer. Stimulated to improve my investing knowledge and hopefully my investing returns, I've subscribed to the "Hidden Gems" and also the "Personal Coach" programs offered by the Motley Fool. All is done with the intent to learn.
I am responsible for having made some rediculous investments without knowing much other than what somone suggested might be a "really hot buy". Ignorance-yes; stupidity-sure; intelligent-anything but! On the other side of the coin, however, I learned I need to learn! Maybe all was not lost.
I have enjoyed some very nice gains since early April and wish I could tell you it was the result my doings alone. The truth is the stocks I selected came from monitoring the Fool, the discussion boards, begining to research and understand financials, and reading books and other publications. I am sorry I didn't devote the time to do so earlier in my life but late is a ton better than never.
I have been "Blessed" in many ways by family and the efforts of those now gone. It is a gift "But For The Grace" and an opportunity to honor that gift by using this legacy to improve myself and the lives of those around me. Why would I say all of this to you?
I have read all the posts on this board and made it routine to follow it daily. I have owned 4 of the "China 5" since I read your first posts (after I noticed you were starting this board). I have yet to purchase UTSI but intend to do so shortly. Needless to say, I have enjoyed a very nice appreciation on the rest of the China 5 and for that I should extend you thanks. Had it not been for your efforts, I may not be aware of the tremendous potential that exists within the Chinese economy.
Because I made some money, however, is not a reason to extend thanks. I do so because you are a Teacher. Not just a teacher, but a teacher who Cares for others. To look outside ones own self and give to others; to share openly and honestly seek response; to work dilligently to improve and freely enlighten others,,,, all I can say is WOW! As well as a teacher you are a "guide" to many aspects of character that we all (your students) should hold central in everyting we do.
I am not a poster because I have little of value that I can offer. It may well be a long time before I post again. I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much I respect all that you reveal in your many posts. I have LEARNED and look forward to learning more. More importatly, I have improved by and from your example.

I sincerely thank you for who you are, Larry Gott.

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Bob (rjaudensr) has found me out.

First, Bob, thanks for those VERY KIND words (and those 'recommends' from others)
But yes, I was (and am) a teacher before I was a stockholder.

I teach Bible studies at church, and Microsoft Excel at work, and anything else inbetween. You're also correct that I like to encourage and foster growth in others, and I like to share knowledge when and where I can. I like to make difficult things simple (and frequently succeed in also making simple things difficult).

More importantly, I'm a learner. I learn everything I can from everybody, and there is nobody that I can't learn something from. So I turn the praise back to the others on this board and other boards where the dialogue is PARTICULARLY civil and helpful.

And I'm a reader. China websites, business websites, books on China, often reading 2 or 3 books at one time.
Now reading: "China's Century", "The Coming Collapse of China (written in late 2000, too pessimistic)", and "A Mathematician looks at the stock market." (Very insightful)

There. I guess I revealed a little more.

Here's to a good week,

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