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I'm thinking this will not be the last time we'll see this group in the SB. Kaepernick looked like he wasn't ready for the moment early on, but once he got his feet underneath him, he was great. A laser arm that is accurate too. You can't play man-to-man against him because he'll pull it down and get 20 yards before you know what hit you.

One thing they definitely need to address is their slow starts. Yesterday they finally were faced with a hole they were unable to climb out of. You can only spot the other guy several TDs per game so often before it comes back to bite you.

All in all, what they face is more a matter of tweaks than a certain team from SE Michigan has to correct.

This year they used last year's conference defeat as fuel. Next year, knowing that they were just one play away from the Lombardi should be enough. I don't see Jim Harbaugh being any less intense knowing that the prize is so close.

So barring injuries, we should see them again in next year's game.
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I don't see how they can possibly get back to the Superbowl unless the re-sign Randy Moss.
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I dunno, my guess is that the weight of the tatoo ink on Kaepernickoo's arms will weigh on him in future years.....
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