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the real story


"Here's a story: Once upon a time a small town had a garden planted near a canal. Every day townspeople took their buckets out to the canal and filled them, then brought the full buckets back to the garden to water the plants. The plants thrived and produced plenty of fruit. Both the king and all the people of the town ate the fruit and were very healthy."

If believe 1 bucket of water did anything for the whole orchard.....I got a bridge to sell you. The villagers made 8 hours of trips to day to water the orchard so they'd get fruit... and they divided it up equally and they all worked the same number of hours.

When folks had worked for 40 years and could no longer work the full day, the town happily provided them with some of the fruit. They could do other useful work like repairing the buckets in their home shop.


"Then one day, a new king came along and said that the people were taking more than their fair share of the water."

Actually, that was just an excuse. What he really wanted was a cut of the fruit that the townsfolks raised.....

So he said that 1/3rd of all the fruit raised would be his. He would consumer about 90% of it himself with his staff of hundreds of minions he would hire, who would track the output of every tree, be in the warehouses where the fruit was stored..... and the other 10% he would redistribute to 'the poor' class he had created.

And the folks had less to consume themselves, and did not have enough to share with the 'retired' folks.

So now the 'king' decided who was poor, and took from those who 'had' to give to those who didn't.

Now, no one wanted to repair the buckets, since, heck, they'd get a share of the harvest even if they sat back and did nothing.


' He declared that the townspeople were greedy and lazy."

Yes, folks worked less, because now the more they worked, the more they saw the 'lazy' simply asking the king for benefits and getting a share for doing nothing. FOlks didn't work as hard, and there was less fruit to go around for everyone.

seeing that his share of loot was declining , the king then 'raised' the take from 1/3rd to 1/2 of all the fruit grown. He had more and more 'moochers' and his staff of minions expanded even more as he tried to be sure not one apple went into the warehouse without his cut.


" They acted like they deserved as much water from the canal as the king did even though the king owned 90% of the town's wealth."

actually, it was the welfare weenies who grew to suck the lifeblood out of the kingdom. Everyone came down with 'disabilities' and for some reason couldn't work. Bad backs. bad knees. severe acne.....kidney problems.......chronic name it....


" Clearly, to make the water allocation fair, the rest of the town combined deserved only one tenth as much water as the king took."

Wrong analogy. The king then decided he would take ALL the fruit raised, and redistribute it based upon 'need'. Everyone would work to the 'best of their ability'.....

And what did you get? Less and less fruit each year as folks realized that 90% of their work was confiscated and given to the weenies.


" Although the king continued to eat well, the kingdom suffered."

With an ever bloated government sucking up 90% of the work of the people you bet they suffered.


"At that point, the king announces that he is now willing to compromise with the townspeople."

The government has only one interest in mind. Maximizing the tax rates.....more is always better, even if it destroys the country. IT's always 'tax those who have' to fund 'those welfare weenies who don't. Buy votes. I'm sure this king managed to buy all the loyalty he needed by having 47% of his people paying no fruit tax, but instead getting government benefits.

like Obama....


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