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The replies to your post are interesting but since your OP is non-explicit and pretty much a rant against anyone who doesn't agree with you, it would be difficult to get any actual information from any post in this thread, probably including mine.

Who are against the worst health care system in the industrialized world? Yes, that is right. The World Health Organization rates the US 37th out of 37. As you say we have the best.

"against the worst health care system" means what exactly? I'm certainly against any system that is "the worst in the world." The fact that your reference only includes the supposedly "industrialized world" is somewhat nebulous however. I'd also like to hear on what that rating is based. I certainly don't believe the system in the US is all that great but "worst in the world?" Specific data does make a difference. The most expensive? Certainly and if that's what is meant by "worst in the world" I might agree. Somehow I doubt that was the intent though.

Do you not care that 1/3rd of this country is without or underinsured care?

Well, if 1/3 (33%) of the population of the US were actually without insurance or "under-insured" (a slippery concept at best) I would probably agree with you. Since that isn't the case though I'd have to say you're probably engaging in hyperbole.

Why are you so callous? Are you happy that you don't have a problem? Just wait when you get to your "maximum" benefit or no longer can afford your deductible.

Callousness is an emotion-based concept and has been demonstrated many times, health insurance/care reform should be an unemotional effort. Unfortunately I don't think that will ever happen since emotion is so useful in swaying people to one side or another. The generic cry of, "I'll die if I don't get it!" and on the opposite end, "They'll take all my money to help people I don't know!" are both emotion-based arguments that should be ignored in the ongoing debate. It's really a shame that it won't happen.

Do you think that the country can't afford it? When we are spending trillions on Iraq and Afghanistan? More than the rest of the world combined?

One has nothing to do with the other. If we weren't spending money on the war we'd be spending it on something else. That's the way government works. If the money is there (and even if it's not quite often) it's spent on anything congress and the president can dream up. That's not specific to the current president either. All of them do the same thing. Aside from that little tidbit, no matter what they say it will cost, based on past programs it will likely be at least 3 times what they say. Why not put something in the bill that says once they reach a certain amount they pause the program until more funding becomes available? They don't do that because they know they will go well over what the estimates are. Can we afford that? Probably not but that's not the point of the exercise. Funding has nothing to do with it in the end. Congress says they'll pay for it with money from other places but since when has congress stayed within a budget or kept thier promises?

When we can't provide preventive or needed care for our own?

The US provides "needed care" to everyone. The issue is the efficiency with which that care is provided. ER care is more expensive and is being used by a large number of people. That should be more of an issue but it's not. So-called "preventive care" has never been truly defined so that would need to be done before anything else. Can you tell me what "preventive care" consists of? Does it include vitamins? Does it include tests for things you may be susceptable to? Does it include tests for things you are not susceptable to?

You are beneath the lowest.

Nice and thanks. Being unemotional makes the process more efficient and cost-effective but diatribes like yours toss all of that out the window and the debate flops down into the mud.

Tom (A Doc who knows it.)

If you're a doctor, I would not want to be your patient. I prefer my doctors with a more clinical attitude. No offense intended as I'm sure many people want a doctor who allows his/her emotions to rule them.

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