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I'm heading to NYC for a week at the crack o' dawn tomorrow. Since my grand vision of spending half the visit walking around neighborhoods in the city, maybe checking out the rebuilding at the WTC, with my Kentucky friend who will also be there (her hubs is a business professor attending a Social Entrepreneurship conference at NYU). Their short-term rental apartment in the East Village is supposed to get their electricity back today(!).

Anyway, I'm thinking about what else we'll do in the city and looked into movies. I ran across this one, which might be a little too annoying for such a fine social occasion:
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Here in Texas, I often see headlines stating that 'where go Texas textbooks, will go the nation's textbooks' because we buy so many textbooks.

The arguement is that the textbook publishers will not want to print different versions of a text.

I don't buy it. We can already work with a publisher to get Teacher and/or course specific texts. i.e. I can special order a text with what I want. I don't have to go with the 'standard' text. TX may get it's own version, but CA or NY or any other state doesn't have to accept it for their texts.

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