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In 2006 or so I went into a troop's quarters after getting a call from the fire department that was very short, but I could sense the urgency in the voice. Essentially "Do you have a Specialist Smith in your command?" "Yes." "Please come to 123 Elm Street on post."

House was a complete disaster, as bad as anything on A&E's show Hoarders. It was discovered when the unit that shared an adjoining wall had a small electrical fire, which caused the firemen to check the rest of the building to see if all was OK. They got quite a surprise.

Rotten food, waste soiled mattresses, clogged toilets, and a stench that was worse than anything I encountered in Iraq or Afghanistan. The saddest piece is that he and his wife had five kids living in these conditions, aged 1 to 7. We engaged CPS, etc, and hopefully things got better in subsequent years.

Gayle Laverne Grinds' case is so, so, much worse.
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Six years?!?!!?

Oh my. How sad.
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