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This columnist has to disagree. Obama's lame performance last night seemed typical to us. We can think of a few occasions in which we've seen the president less flaccid, less dull-brained, less jejune, less shifty, less downcast. But only a few.

But these qualities--or, to put it another way, this lack of quality--was harder than usual to miss last night because of the contrast with the highly effectual Romney. One reason it came as such a shock to Obama is that it was the first time in his career that he shared a debate stage with a serious opponent.
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Yeah duma I thought we all pretty much agreed.

Obama's "game" was for unknown reasons (to me at least) located in a bunker in some undisclosed location.

Mitt on the other hand did a good job with his sales pitch.

Unfortunately, lot's of consumers have clappers, snuggies, various exercise equipment, miracle cures and a lots of other products (even spray on hair as I recall) that left them more than a bit wanting when the products arrived at the door.

Fortunately, I've never made the mistake of responding to an enticing infomercial and I think I will pass on this on as well.

But thanks for the lead anyway,

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And yet another opinion piece.

Apparently, someone who doesn't consider McCain a serious opponent, but does think Romney is one? Now, that's actually funny!
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Sorry, but Obama's still leading.............

"At close of business Friday, Obama is still leading in the latest national polls conducted by Rasmussen Reports and Gallup. Both polls were released today and were initially reported by the conservative newspaper The Washington Examiner.

Rasmussen’s Reports Daily Presidential tracking poll based on a 3-day rolling average, has Obama leading Romney 49% to 47% in the daily nationals. The Gallup 7-day tracking poll has the Obama lead ticking up 1 point over Romney. Obama is now leading Romney 50% to 45%.

Obama received more good news from Rasmussen. In the latest Daily Swing State Tracking poll, Obama is leading Romney 51% to 45% collectively across 11 battleground states. The states included in the collective survey are Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Wisconsin."
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