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The theory of the "unitary executive," under which the President has full authority to decide, under the guise of "national security," to take any action he deems "necessary" is a bald-faced assertion of the right to institute one-party rule, for ever and ever, amen.

Why WOULDN'T the Republicans be salivating over the prospect?

A few years back, some of my union brothers were at risk of losing their jobs.

It was widely supposed that the place where I work was going to privatize. If that happened, those of us with seniority would simply bounce to another facility and take the job of someone with less seniority there.

What happened was the unthinkable. Those that worked there signed an agreement, along with other institutions where we could have bumped those of lesser seniority, that there would be no bumping rights between departments.

They were in the majority, and we- the minority. But what greater and absolutely basic standard is there within unions than seniority? They had signed that all away for personal benefit.

I had twenty years in with the company and was in good standing, but I couldn't bump someone who'd been hired last year just because I worked for a department that was looking to privatize.

Well- and this is the interesting part- we didn't get privatized. We were, instead, asked to make a profit and actually pay for ourselves. If we could do that, then we would earn our right to survive. There are very few entities in the country like us that actually make a profit. We generally contribute to the tax base by bringing in consumers from all over the world.

I'm proud to say that we've done what was asked of us ever since.

Here's the ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE part- that other entity DID get privatized! There were those there that would have still had a job if they'd only been allowed to bump others with less seniority, but couldn't because of a document that THEY'D SIGNED. Oh, the sweet irony!

There is wrong and right, and no matter which is best for some group in the short term, right is always best for everyone.

I would NEVER have signed such an agreement just because I was afraid. If someone has been with the company longer than I, they have more to lose by being forced to leave it, and I couldn't be comfortable thinking about how I had unjustly skewed the system for my undeserved benefit.

I'm a Republican, but I can't stand this Bush-me-Bull-you crap that this administration is pushing.

Right is right, and wrong is wrong- no matter who benefits in the short term.

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