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While I've had a blast with my real money portfolio, the time has come for me to bow out gracefully from the game. This is my own decision and not one that I have made hastily. I simply have a long list of priorities and things which need my attention and at the end of the day this portfolio simply isn't getting the time from me that it deserves. So as of now, my portfolio will be liquidated and life will move on.

Make no mistake, you all have not gotten rid of me. Those of you in the One and/or Stock Advisor universes will still have to deal with me on a daily basis. It just won't be on this discussion board.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my world here. You've made my life brighter and I'll never forget it. Going forward you can still catch me on my Caps blog or over on Twitter...of course I'm always good for a smartass remark or two there. And by all means never hesitate to hit me with any questions you may have. I'm always here to help and to learn.

Eternally grateful,

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I learned a lot by following you, so I'll be still following you on the stock boards on SA. Thank you for good times with this portfolio.

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Had a blast following this as you grew it from my favorite pick ATVI to the powerhouse it is today! Wish I had more time in the last few months to contribute more frequently to the boards.

This feels somewhat like the NHL Lockout, except I knew that hockey was eventually going to come back.... Sad to see the Port go.

Learned some. Got more exposure to energy related companies (something I didn't follow much before your port). Had some fun while doing it. Still glad I didn't have to run 10 kilometers for the "10K Challenge".

I guess I'll have to start following the Caps Blog a bit more around here to get my JMo-fix ;)

Thanks for allowing me to come along on this ride!

- Shaun
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Thanks for all you've shared here! I have been amazed that you've been able to keep this up as long as you have, especially as your roles have continued to expand....and congratulations on the many new hats you've been wearing.

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It's been real, it's been fun, and it's been real fun!
Thanks for everytthing. I really appreciated the posts of Charlie Mungerisms and such.
You should probably do a recap of those in a series of articles or something.

I'll miss this board but I'll be seeing you around Stock Advisor.
What's gonna happen to your port? Is it to be liquidated?

Oh, btw. You did a nice job on NBR last night. :-)

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Sorry to see this port dissapear, JMo, but grateful for the time I had with you, centered around it, here on these boards.

Special thanks for the recent performance of Carbo (and HAL)...been fun to watch and learn about it.

talk soon...


...still long JMO - Rising star portfolio or not!
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Hi Jason,

Time slips by -- a breeze
Touching the cheek, then passing;
A stream through the woods

Works of man, like leaves,
Have their season, fall to earth,
And drift to the sea.

In the course of things,
The earth turns; new works arise,
New leaves replace old.

Autumn portends Spring;
We honor past work; await
Your next endeavors.

Captain Haiku
Martha and Victoria
Who will continue to enjoy your work on the SA service . . . .
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