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Hi y'all-

Cool board here! I just discovered it last month and have been lurking around periodically ever since.

The good news: astronomers at Johns Hopkins have determined the color of the cosmic spectrum. The bad news: it's a pastel. Sort of a light greenish-blue.

"I'd like to exchange this universe, please. The size is fine, but do you have anything in a navy blue?"

more of a 'summer'

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Pretty neat. I like the pastels!

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In our last episode, we reported that astronomers at Johns Hopkins had determined that the average intensity of each wavelength within the visible spectrum of light in the universe combined to produce a sort of dull sea-foam green. This would be what the human eye would perceive if it could see all the light in the universe at once- the color of the universe. Well, in a pretty serious professional DOH! from the JHU folks, it turns out their software had a bug in it. The actual color is much less interesting- nearly white, in fact:

(sigh) Oh well. At least my home decor matches better now- my wallpaper looked terrible against that pale green.

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