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The wife here-
I will admit I have not taken the time to read the thread. But figure have idea of what it says after all I am married to the man. I just do not have the time to read it.

With that....

Ok all thanks for the ones that actually thought about there is another side to the story. And that it really was/is inappropriate for him to be dissing on me in a forum that is not showing LOVE for your spouse but this sadly has been the norm for him.
For your information on other point of view. If anybody is the thrifty spender it would be me. We have been married just over 10 ½ years. We have 3 daughters the oldest being 9 1/2 . Because I am nit picked at I am very cautious of what I buy.
Our girls live in hand me downs for the most part and so do I. I have 4 different families who pass all their unwanted clothing and other items to me. I look through and set aside keeps for now or future. Then I sell the rest for spending money. I guarantee without a shadow of a doubt. I have not spent more than 3k in 10 years on clothing items for us 4 girls. That is an average of $75 a year per person. I do not believe most folks out there can say that themselves. Including my husband whom has I am sure spent 3k just on himself for clothing/shoes items in that same 10 years.

Our girls take gymnastics and dance yes but he failed to tell you his money is not paying for it. I worked out a deal with the owner whom happens to think of myself and the girls as family. I clean the studio during my free time to cover the expense so it is not costing us but my time. In which I would gladly do any day for them to have the experience and social benefit of it.

I have not sat at home for 10 years doing nothing. I ran a daycare out of our home for 6 ½ of those years. Which is exactly what I was doing prior to our being married. It was a mutual agreement that 4 years ago I dropped to 1 child part time. Because needed to be able to take 2 of our kids to and from speech therapy, 2 of our kids have asthma (and was needing to be able to deal with them) and one has blood sugar issues. I needed to be able to focus more on being a mom for their needs at that time. Plus my husband could not stand coming home to the noise of my running a child care out of our home.
Plan was to open back up this year possibly but due to the fact that in the mean time someone on the watchdog list as a sexual assault bought the house across the street. So I am no longer able to relicense. I have done cleaning jobs before have done 2 businesses for these last 4 years and decided since I do not have a degree that I would start working on getting more clients doing it so can still get decent pay. I am now up to 4 more clients and 2 one time things and am confident I will get more. (Heck as of right now I am scheduled to work 58 hours next week and still do all the normal mom duties.)
It really urks me when he attacks my character and hard work to make himself look good. I can just about guarantee no one on here takes hand me down toys cleans them thoroughly and gives them as Santa presents or presents from themselves like I do.
Many things he did not share in our debt issues I am sure like the unexpected need to tear out walls cealings plumbing electrical etc due to manty years of my saying we have a issue as we seemed to get sicker and it turned out to be we had numerous plumbing leaks in our home.
Or that when he is cycling due to his BP and or his ADD impulsivity, he gets obsessed with something and spends during it. I guarantee he has spent atleast 100 dollars a month sometimes as high as 700 in 3 months on books or whatever he is obsessing over. If just figure it as 100 that is almost 30k right there in 10 ½ years of marriage. Yes I have spent money but not even close to the extremes he has. But no matter it is a problem we have to deal with now and we will slowly but surely get it payed off and as long as he doesn’t cycle and spend crazily we will be ok.

Heck just last year he spent 500-1000 on wii stuff starting a few months before Christmas. I was pissed and said well at least save it to make as the Santa gift then. But was it saved for Christmas no it was up and running within the week.

I am trying not to lose my sanity living with a Bipolar husband that cycles often. But I am human to and have had my own medical issues also. One being it is very likely I have MS but it has not shown on the scan yet. This is according to my Dr. not me making it up and I in the last 2 weeks started another episode due to all the stress. If anybody knows anything about MS stress is not a good thing. And you have not only feet issues but extreme exhaustion issues, burning, tingling sensations, nerve issues in many different places, etc.. I am doing the best I can under the circumstances and for my family I will do just about anything. But continuing to add and mound stress upon stress to life is not only not good for bipolars but also is horrible for people with MS. I just want to live day by day and trust GOD will proved for us and that we will survive this if we just keep doing the best we can.

Sorry to get on here to and take up your time
The wife that works harder than you think
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