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No. of Recommendations: 0 a pastamancer. Which is pretty good, because in previous runs I've found that pastamancers are too fragile to survive long against the sorceress. But given a decent skill set and nearly unlimited resources, it's not so bad.

I was wearing:
plexiglass pith helmet
star shirt
Staff of the Grand Flambé
Brimstone Bunker
plexiglass pants
plexiglass pinky ring
Order of the Silver Wossname
woven baling wire bracelets

I had 252 hp and 540 mp.

The bunker kept the damage down to around 25-30 points per attack. I started out with fearful fettuccine, getting blocked most of the time. After I took a few rounds of damage, I started using funkslinging to use gas balloons (renders her unconscious) and gauze garter, then gas balloon and duck feathers once my health came back. When she was unconscious, I switched back to fettucini.

After chaining so many hardcore runs, including one bad moon, it has been very enjoyable to take a round of softcore and get to use all my skills, the best food, and most of the plexiglass gear. I used to dislike pastamancers, but as I add more permanent skills I find myself enjoying it a lot, especially now that I have flavour of magic. You can target maximum damage at every elemental enemy. One benefit is that you never have to use anything but a kickback cookbook in your offhand. Combine this with a chefstave and a scarf or pinky ring, and you can take out most of the high end enemies in one hit using only eXtreme ray. So playing a decked-out pastamancer now feels almost like the old days of unbeatable Lunging Thrust-Smacks. I highly recommend picking up flavour to try this out.

I'm going to perm eXtreme ray now, so I can play around in my next life (maybe as an accordion thief) and see how elemental damage stacks up for a non-myst class. I'll be interested to see how much the level cap affects pasta spells.
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No. of Recommendations: 0
I have found NS13 to be much harder than NS11. After a few skills, it was easy to beat the NS. The past few times, I have had to fight multiple times.

As you suggested earlier, due to the monsters that only take elemental damage, I will probably pick a few pastamancer skills.

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