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Jim Cramer coming on CNBC at 9 am saying:

"Well I really don't think that investors should pay that much attention to short term price movements. They would be much better served by holding stocks long term in great companies. By the way it is really impossible to be an expert on hundreds of different companies, so investors should concentrate on a core portfolio of clearly superior companies. They should ignore anyone pretending to have such expertise on a vast number of companies in a vast number of business areas."

The CNBC Fast Money crowd comes on at noon and says:

"We will be speculating on short term price movements in companies over the next hour. If our speculative methods really worked we would be super rich, retired and sailing our yachts in the Caribbean and would not need to be coming on TV shows..."

Maria B. comes on at 4 pm after the market has done xxx. She says: "Well over the next hour we will be asking a number of so called market experts to comment on what caused the market to do xxx today. I have been doing this every day for the last decade or more and it is pretty clear that none of these people really know why the market does anything on a day to day basis, but we would still like to you to watch anyway."

sw- waiting and waiting for the real truth
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somewhat disagree on assessment of Cramer. Cramer the TV host is completely different from Cramer the HF manager. At his age, he does more work/DD than 90% of professional money managers out there. that is true passion for the game.

agree on the rest, although if everyone is that rational and long term, this game would be that much tougher to play/win.
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I have picked up some good companies over the years from Cramer. My biggest problem with him is that he always has to say something, always has to say he knows the answers, and all too often has to do something.

After seeing him in person one time, I would say that his intensity is amazing but also unhealthful in my view.

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