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As a retired person now, I have been using Stockcharts and Simon sez on most of my trades. Swing trader. I have TOS but when I was working never had the time to learn this trading platform.
I have a flexible grid set up and am learning how to navigate TOS. I can't figure out how to create "charts and packs ie....4,6,8,12 packs having no more than 3 high..."as you suggested 2-9-11 post 255015.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
I am having fun learning, probably my biggest problem would be reading too many books and end up too anxious. Quick walk with my dog,who loves the fact that I am home so much and all is well.
By the way, best retirement gift I received was Elli and Mitk, still trading those by Simon.
Anyways , thanks again , just wanted to check in and say hello.

P.S. Which chart on flexible grid gives you signals per bubbles? Or
do all 4 charts give signal?
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Don't you love it when a plan comes together. Simon Sez will be your bestest friend second to your favourite dog. Just becareful of a few headfakes.

First let's look at ELLI and MITK. simon said to buy 3 days ago. kwik snap shot. simon said to sell 3 days ago. kwik snap shot.

Now on to the TOS charts:

The Flexible Grid chart should have only 4 charts. One big one top (today 1min) and three on the bottom row. 3month daily, 2day 1min, 5 day 15 minute left to right.

Now for the 8 pack, I use on a daily basis. 2 high 4 wide

To clear the NBC Peacock and the Gadgets for now, at the very top left side, find the word home. To the right is a blue arrow widget. click on it to turn it off. Your can click on it again to turn on the CNBC peacock.

Okay, in the upper right and corner, is what appears to be a bunch of yellow boxes.

click on the lower right hand corner widget and then hi-lite a 2high 4wide bunch of boxes. an 8pack then right click for the boxes to appear.

now in each box add a ticker symbol

each box should have 1day 1min grid

click on the studies and add your ema's mine are 5/15

go back up to the yellow boxes again and click on the yellow widget and click Save Grid as.... and give it a name. It is case sensitive.

now, create a 2x4 as in the 4 Horsemen IWM, SPY, DIA, QQQ.

you can now create a 6 pack 2 high 3 wide. and give it a name.

when playing around with the boxes of charts. you can remove them if you like.

I set up a bunch of 8 packs for various sectors I like to watch. be it GOLD, SILVER, RAILS, COALS, Airlines, Aggies, ETF's.

Don't forget after each time you change any part of the packs, that you must save it.

the Flexgrid:

at each box to the right of the ticker symbol box, change all the boxes to have a red #1 for now. this way if you change the ticker in any one of the other boxes, they all change at the same time to make things a little faster.

my movAvgExponential is 5/15 as well.

Dave, I hope this can help and just take your time for each box in setting them up.

Have fun and see ya around the campus.

Best regards,

Quillnpenn -

PS.... every chart will show the lower bubble to buy and the upper bubble to sell.
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Thanks Quillnpenn,

This will help greatly. TOS is the first trading platform that I have tried to learn, and I am sure it will get easier.
By the way , your Mitch King is coming out with new software called Lightning. He also has a new service TopTenStocks with a free 30 day trial. You most likely know this already,but just in case. I am trying the trial and placing picks in StockCharts.

Thanks again,
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Signed up for the Webinar for Ligthning (click on tab) at Will have to wait and see if I can get to attend.

The Lightning is an excellent tool for day traders as well as Swing traders. Talk about simplicity.

Quillnpenn -
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Hope u get in!
Wondering what price will be, definitely will be a winner.
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