No. of Recommendations: 4
I had the insulation removed today. Nasty, dirty, ugly job. So glad I didn't try it myself. The contractor found 3 spots that look like mold. Contacting places now to have someone come out & treat it. Desperately hoping it won't cost as much as I fear. So no other project will be done until the mold gets obliterated. <sigh>

On the other hand, I have no problems looking at the ceiling in it's new insulation free style (well, except where those spots are). So a new ceiling probably isn't as dire once the mold is gone. And we found what may be a current or past leak under my half bath. Now that the insulation is gone I can keep an eye on that to see if it's still an issue.

I'm very grateful that I found this guy when I did. Otherwise the basement ceiling would have stayed further down on my list of projects & the mold situation would have gotten much, much worse. It was serendipitous that I got a contractor out when I did. Everyone else who saw the insulation just kept telling me it was dirty but no problem. And I feel better knowing that I'm not totally crazy as I swore that stuff was making my breathing worse.

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