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If you go to this page where they are advertising a new kind of sanitary napkin .. or .. well .. this one isn't a 'napkin' ...
but if you go to the bottom of the page there is a 'question' which is, basically, "please tell us, what do you call your coochie"
If you click on the tab to tell them they have a few hundred that women have already left. Some of them are confusing, some of them are hilarious, all of them are interesting. ((My favorite so far may be 'The Downtown Dining and Entertainment District' ... a mouthful, yes .. but I'm already quite used to that))
You don't have to enter a name in order to read all of those already entered.

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Oh I KNOW you read 'em.

There's NO doubt about that!

You're just trying to be ...



"not too obvious" (as yo mama told you).

That's OK. That's fine.

You just be however you gotta be ..

'miss foldy-muff'.

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