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Veco has had a great run up recently, and I see no reason that shouldn't continue. However I am not terribly well informed on this sector. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Yeah I have some thoughts.....VECO could trade up to $100. and TMF would still not have an active message board on the stock.
I see less and less reason to hand these folks $30. every time I look.

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Does anyone even check this board?? I can't tell you how dissappointed I am in the Motley Fool communities. It seems like every stock I try to research here (aside from the ones tied to some Fool newsletter) have no active message boards.

Anyhow, now that I am done complaining, I want to reply to the original post by saying that I am particularly interested in this stock in relation to all of the nanosecurities. And this is from a complete layman's perspective, but what is really cool about Veeco is that they are producing the instrumentation for nano research.

What this mean to me is that no matter how many fly-by-night start-ups there are and no matter how many fail, these guys are going to make money. It seems to me like this is a safe way to speculate on nanotech.

It is like how Nordstroms was started. During the Klondike gold rush, Seattle was the final US stopping off point, and where everyone bought their equipment. Most of these people going north in search of riches came back with nothing but a worthless plot of land they had previously paid a fortune for.

Nordstrom was actually one of those guys, but realize quickly his fortune would never come from striking a gold vein. So he got smart and went to Seattle and started Nordstroms to equip the speculators. That is where he struck gold. There were thousands buying tools, but only a few making any money from their use.

Does this analogy fit Veeco? Nordstrom's success ultimately rested on his business acumen. It seems like Veeco is in the right place, the question is if management is up to the task.

ANyone else have any thoughts?
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VECO is new to me, but I am looking into it. I am interested in the nanotechnology sector. When I asked my financial consultant about it, she had not heard anything about it. So I've been trying to introduce her to it. A few weeks ago, she sent me some information a nanotech fund. It looked rather interesting. It had all the big name players and many of the yet to be household names too. I don't recall if Veco was on the list. In the meantime, I have been looking at this stock and I think it has potential. Everyone will need new instruments, so Veco should be right in the thick of things once nanotech really takes off. I am hoping its the next internet boom. I will keep this stock on my watch list and keep researching it before making a decision to buy.

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