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I have a small Happy Dance for today.

I went to my Credit Union with a list of 12 different financial transactions to take care of (I save them up ;)).

I found out...

(1) I could withdraw all the money in the Travel Club and apply it to our line of credit without any fees or squabbling. This was good because the trip we were saving for (a wedding in Florida) was changed to a weekend we couldn't attend. Another $450 of debt slain.

(2) I signed up for the next level of the savings reward program the CU offers (basically, as long as you keep a certain minimum balance, you get perks which includes lower loan rates). Another .25% reduced off our remaining debt in the line of credit.

(3) My husband had been told refinancing the mortgage would cost about 6% of the mortgage amount. When I took the time to ask the branch manager what those percentages represented, I found out HALF of it (3%) was setting up a 'tax escrow' account. Since we already have our mortgage through the CU, we *already* have a tax escrow account, so, our rate would go down to 3% of the mortgage amount, and this includes the NY state mortgage tax I resent so much.

Not a bad day's work :). I've been feeling very blah lately, so, it was good to have some pick-me-up news :).


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Dancing...dancing...dancing with eachna!

Way to go! Glad you had a WONDERFUL Foolish Day!!
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Good for you! And definitely a great little pick me up.

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Congraulations Gwen!

I will post a dance later when I am using my other browser, so sorry to keep Humperdink waiting.

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