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Three the libs go again...gun control, confiscation, and penalties

MissEdith:"I'm a pretty staunch gun control advocate. But even I'm willing to say let's not even bad all guns. Let's start with limiting the number you can own. My dad had dozens, which was ridiculous."

Now, really, does it make any difference after the first one? If you own a nice self protection gun, like a Glock, a semi automatic, you can fire off more than a dozen rounds and a proficient trained or practiced shooter can reload in 3 seconds and begin again. So what if he has 24 more guns at home?

Your argument is silly.

Your father probably had some target shooting pistols, some shotguns, some deer hunting guns, and self defense guns, some guns for duck hunting or bird hunting...maybe some 'collectibe' ones from way back when that used black powder. So what?



MissEdith:" Most people I know don't own guns, so with 90 guns to every 100 Americans, some people out there has a SPITLOAD."

And some people own no cars and won't kill anyone by driving drunk, and others own 5 cars. Heck, with your lib arguments, you'd tell folks that because of global warming they can only have one car per person. Period. No one can have more than one. Right?

And of course, folks have target pistols, self defense pistols, shotguns, rifles, and maybe antique guns or ones they used during the war? Maybe they are a collector just like car collectors?

Why do you always go after the LEGAL gun owners? What's the deal? You got 'gun fright'?


MissEdith:" Let's limit the number to 5 guns per person, with no automatic or semi automatic action, and require that any gun sold in the US had an appropriate trigger guard."

And why? There's no kids in my house. Why should I have to lock up the gun with a trigger lock, so it takes me ten seconds to defend myself and then I'm dead? or maybe my spouse is, if i had one?

And , let's limit cars to 1 per person. same for everything else that is dangerous. we could start with dogs. They bite people. Give them rabies!.....cause massive injuries to people. One dog per person. One cat per person! let's go nuts regulating things. Oh, and no more than one bottle of booze in your house, and no more than a six pack to limit drunk driving!......think of all those millions of bottles of booze causing domestic violence and drunk driving!..

you libs give me indigestion!


MissEdith:"Let's up the sentences for gun-related crimes. Let's fill our prisons with people doing gun crimes,'

That's exactly the right answer. We turn lose perps in big cities for 3 timre armed robbery with 3 weeks in jail, and half of that off for good behavior. Some robbers have rap sheets 10 pages long and never seem to do time or stay in jail. Most criminals CANNOT own guns.....but get them anyway, and we don't punish them much.

when the feds got together to do zero tolerance enforcement in cities around the country, gun related crime plummeted to record lows. No plea bargains. The perps went to jail or fed prison. That's what is needed everywhere instead of bleeding heart libs setting them free time and time again.

And you'll find that half of gun crime is drug related. Gang and drug related in the cities.

They have gun control in England. The only ones now with guns are the criminals and drug gangs and they are running amok. There are thousands of robberies a week where the homeowners are stabbed and killed with KNIVES by gangs and the homeowners are defenseless. They target the elderly. Yeah..the police get there to find the dead bodies and dying elderly after they've been stabbed, clubbed over the head with iron bars.....maybe days later.....

If you don't want to own a gun, fine. I don't have booze in my house either. But don't stop others from using their second amendment rights.

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