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Especially as our NATO partners have steadily reduced defense expenditures over time.

A recent report on Libyan adventure.

Both the European NATO partners and the United States must address
the capability gap that exists in Europe and the latter’s reliance
on America. Some analysts may extol the European countries’ improved
capabilities by citing the relative proportion of sorties flown or
weapons expended by non-US NATO and coalition partners, but even
“the most advanced fighter aircraft are of little use if the allies do not
have the means to identify, process, and strike targets as part of an integrated
air campaign.”58 These are not optional extras in an air campaign;
they are essentials that, at present, only the United States seems able to provide.

the inherent trust and familiarity among partners involved
at the operational and tactical levels seemed missing or at least slow to develop. Many countries were reluctant to fully integrate from the beginning and limited their interaction with support elements from
other nations.

Another problem arose in learning the detailed capabilities of coalition
aircraft. Most assets belonged to NATO nations, but no mechanism
existed for disseminating basic information from all participants regarding
their aircraft capabilities. Planners’ lack of familiarity with the
secure radio, data link, and other aircraft equipment of each nation
had a detrimental effect on development of a communications plan,
prioritization and deconfliction of frequencies, and the planning of
search and rescue contingencies. The United States not only suffered
from a paucity of compatible systems with its partners but also had
trouble getting the systems to communicate since the “NATO standard”
proved neither standard nor even accessible to US assets.
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In 1976 I did a brief stint at NATO HQ. I don't expect the policies and
operating procedures to be any different today. The general consensus
among US personnel was that we provide the funds and do the dirty work,
while the policy was to spread the credit to every piddly member nation
there was. Without the US there is no NATO.

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