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Right now, I am about one hour of checking out of my hotel. I will then have about 4 hours to wait until I go to the airport for the beginning of a very long trip back to JFK.

I have a long layover in Hong Kong....about ten hours. So I guess I will just go to the lounge, take a shower, eat, and then maybe I will jump on the internet to surf.

If I was going to be in Hong Kong during the day, I would go into town to see the sights. It has been quite some time since I have last been in Hong Kong.....but I will be landing late at night so I will just probably just read books, eat and jump on the internet a bit.

I want to stay up and not sleep so much because the flight from Hong Kong to the JFK is about 15 hours. I want to try to sleep most of the way.

I am sort of sad now to be leaving SE Asia. I am really going to miss the food because I can't find a lot of the food that I eat over here in the USA. The USA has no BreadTalk!!! Ugggh.....The USA does not have in my local store all of the juices and drinks from companies like Pokka

I just have a hard time finding stuff like Winter Melon Tea

Now some stuff can be purchased over the internet through companies selling Asian products but I hate going into stores in the USA and seeing thier extremely limited choices on fruits and fruit juices. It is horrible!!

Ok, let me finishing packing....I'll have plenty of time to write more when I get to Hong Kong.

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Starrob, I think I'm just tuning into this story. How long have you been in Singapore?

I still miss the food myself (I lived in Bukit Timah for a year). I still think constantly of the hawker center there. I miss sugar cane juice, chicken rice, sambal stingray...
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Or rather, I should say: How long had you been in Singapore?
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