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Tinker, you continue to be the biggest laffer at the Fool. "No Partisan Politics"?

Here is the first, and only response before you sent off the fusillade of anti-Obama rhetoric. (I have condensed it for space, not contest:)

Tinker I thought the idea was to keep the discussion factual. America, however, as the biggest example is the pipeline issue, has not attempted to really exploit its energy resources as say Canada has. You are joking right? We haven't attempted to exploit our resources? Barnett, Haynesville/Bossier, Fayetteville,Eagle Ford , Marcellus, Uttica,Mississippian, Monterey, Niobrara Bakken All off the top of my head and there are many more. We are flooded with ng and growing oil production for the first time in decades and yet according to you; we aren't attempting to exploit our resources? Facts? B PS Canada didn't have a banking crisis or real estate collapse either.

I have looked and looked, and can't find an "Obama" "Republican" "Democrat" or any other "partisan" words in there, but if you can, I'll contribute $1000 to charity in your name. I'll try to find some charity which encourages people to use "facts", so that it will do some good.

For instance:

No, not real conducive to the energy industry liek it is in Canada. In fact, Obama has stated that he would like to kill the coal industry. If you don't believe me, I will find the quote in which he states he will regulate any new coal fired plant out of economic survivability.

I don't believe you. Find a quote where he says he wants to "kill" the coal industry.

As for oil, production is up because prices have more than doubled since Obama took office.

Ahem. Price of a barrel of oil, adjusted for inflation:

2008: $95.57

2009: $56.15
2010: $73.69
2011: $87.33

It appears that oil prices are down since Obama took office, as 2008 belongs to that other guy, President Bush. Even if you pick some other starting point, it has not "doubled". Not close.

Finding people with money is more and more difficult.

Finding rich people is easier and easier. Finding middle class people with money to burn is harder. Partly that's because your comparing it to a period when people were foolishly spending money they didn't have. And partly it's a symptom of the polarization of the economy, which some (including me) think unhealthy. Yet we pursue policies which intensify the disparity. Who is pushing those policies, again?

The reason Canada is doing relative well is because they didn't have a housing crash, nor were Canadians using their houses as ATM machines, nor were they wildly speculating in real estate as so many were here in the US. Why? you might ask.

Canada's mortgage market is highly regulated. Only 30% of mortgages go through brokers, versus 70% here. Most Canadian mortgages are made by banks: traditional, conservative, heavily regulated banks. There is mortgage securitzation via a Federal agency (similar to Fannie & Freddie here), so that can't be it.

Well, anyway, carry on with your "non-partisan" ideas, which, in the post I'm reply to included:



"welfare state"





and, of course

"But congratulations on turning it political."

A regular laff right, that.
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