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Here's a tip I got off another board. Seemed like a great idea, as I have half a dozen halogen torchieres. First, here's the link:

Like the author, I went to Home Depot. Unlike the author, I had a heck of a time finding what I needed. I did finally find the bulbs, and my HD doesn't carry shallow bulb sockets, so I got a standard one. I skipped the switch, since I have some lamps that don't use dimmers.

Anyway, first lamp I tried I just couldn't get the screws out. They must be glued in. Of course they were the very last screws in, so I then had to put everything back together. Second lamp I tried fared better, but the standard socket is just too tall. The bulb stuck out over the bowl and just looked bad. Sorry, but in this case looks are indeed more important than saving energy. So...had to take that lamp apart again and put it back together again.

I still haven't given up on this idea, but I'll need to find a shallow socket. And since I'm not in the habit of dropping into hardware stores, it might be a while. But thought I'd share this with others.

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He doesn't say whether it produces the same number of lumens or not.
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