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I have a friend whose kids all have a swallowing disorder which renders almost all candy off limits for them. But they are little, and like to wear costumes and trick or treat like everyone else, so they go, and just don't get much they can eat.

Thinking of her kids made me realize that there are many kids for whom candy is not the best choice. So last night in my candy bowl I also had invididually packaged cookies and vegan, gluten free rice crispy treats. I let each kid choose what they wanted, and rather than the cookies being a last resort for kids with dietary restrictions, they were the number one choice. Seems like a lot of kids want something different.

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I have to agree on the candy-not-being-first. For years I have included other stuff -- granola bars, teddy grahams, pencils, and pretzels are examples. Those are as popular, or moreso, as the candy.

ThyPeace, leaves me with fewer leftovers to deal with.
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