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TMFPMarti wrote: "You seem to think that you can alter documents to give yourself sufficient wiggle room AND get the mortgagee to agree to the alterations."

You present this as if it was an evil thing on my part to try to take advantage of "super-fair" loan documents "that everyone else sings". I am trying to alter the document so that it covers my needs. Just as some users have made an excellent case by saying that the lender is not forcing me to borrow or to sign their documents, which are tailored to benefit them and protect them, well the same applies the other way around. Right? If I alter the document to benefit me, it is not a fraud, it is not illegal, and they are not forced to sign it either. They have all the right to decline my modifications and deny me a loan.

TMFPMarti wrote: "[...]are you planning to use your first "away" work assignment as an excuse to lease the property? Which reminds me, what kind of employer makes people travel without paying travel expenses? You might be able to negotiate better employment terms given your self-described experience at altering employment contracts. Maybe the problem is that you need a different job."

I don't know who you think you are to insult me by openly insinuating that I am being dishonest. This is what I say about our society submissively embracing the terms banks impose on us with their army of lawyers and lobbyists, to the point that a person that tries to modify a legal contract before signing it, so that the terms also match his needs, is perceived as dishonest and fraud. On the other hand they celebrate the fact that we bailed out the banks with our tax money!!! Well Mr. Marti let me inform you that if I have altered contracts before, the people at the other end have accepted my alterations, so that is not either dishonest or fraudulent. If you do not like my alterations, or if you happily accept conditions that banks and companies impose on you, that is not my problem.

Regarding my employer, you are NO ONE to tell me that "maybe the problem is that I need a different job". That is evidently a nasty comment. My employer pays for my relocation and travel expenses, what they don't pay are my rent expenses while I am abroad for periods longer than 1 month, just as I doubt your employer pays your rent or mortgage if they require you to relocate.

What you are obviously failing to grasp is that I do want to purchase a property to be my first home. That is my intent. I invite you to find ONE posts where I say otherwise. What I am not sure is if in less than one year I will be required to relocate for a few months. Temporary relocation is a possibility in my line of work and that would leave me paying rent+mortgage. Therefore, I want the loan contract to allow me to rent the house if that happens. This is not a fraudulent thought. If I sign a document saying that I cant rent for a year and I rent it two months later, THAT is fraud. Altering a document to allow me to rent is not fraud. The borrower has the choice not to sign it, right?

TMFPMarti wrote: "Your story doesn't pass the smell test."

Your comment stinks. I did not engage into personal attacks and did not expect to receive any. Well I guess that's what happens when you "mess with banks" by not accepting their "super-fair" terms submissively.

In any case, I demand RESPECT. I have two people calling me fraud and dishonest. I have not questioned the moral integrity of anyone, and it outrageous to have mine gratuitously questioned.

CCinOC wrote: I didn't perceive gol6090 as trying to determine how to commit fraud. I read his posts as trying to figure out how NOT to commit fraud.

PRECISELY!! Trying to alter a document before anyone signs it cannot be considered fraud by anyone with a free mind.

You tell me that I won't be able to make them sign my altered document, well maybe that will be the case and then there will be no deal. That's it! Please follow CCinoC's example, there is no need to start calling names and disrespecting anyone folks.
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