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Am I the only one left holding this stock. For some reason I can't part ways. What's your advice? Buy/Sell/Hold.

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I am not holding the stock at this time. Hard to see how they are going to grow from here. The previous runnup was due to new professional mgt that came in and made the operation more efficient. Those gains are probably over.

There is no Harry Potter on the horizon to drive books sales

Same store sales are down YOY. They are reducing staff, cutting expenses etc.

The dividend is up to 4.5% at these prices.

I don't see a reason to invest in them at this time. (To be honest I don't watch them very closely anymore).

I used to buy a lot of books from them. But the last year or so I've been primarily borrowing books from the library. Just trying to save some money.

If you have better ideas to put your money into I would do it.

Best of luck.

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