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Hi -

I'm just curious about what trading volume in a stock may or may not imply. I dont really pay much attention to it because I don't have any context in which to give it any meaning. And I'd guess for my style of investing any meaning would probably not be useful anyways but...

...i am curious if there is any kind of insight one could glean from certain scenarios. for instance...

could one theorize about a relation between lower or higher than average trading volume and the movement of the stock price?

like say a SA recommendation was down 5-7% on relatively low trading volume?

or another stock was flat on really high trading volume?

again, i don't envision the answer is going to affect how i invest and it's probably not something a Foolish investor needs to focus on anyway but I am still curious...

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ran a search came up with this ::::

FWIW For me, Volume plays a big part break out should always be 2x or better either up or down break outs .... pull back should be light but not to light lol ....

hope it helps some


BTW I know nothing about the site that I posted never been there before

I do like this one:::

but can't remember anything on volume
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