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I'm a UK teacher who moved over here a couple of years ago. Now that I intend to make the USA my home, I'd like to explore the possibility of moving my UK teacher's superannuation over to the USA, where I have more control over its growth prospects. I have a Roth IRA and this would seem to be the ideal place for my UK pension, however, my research so far would indicate that this transfer would not be possible.

I understand, from posting on the retirement investing message board, (and other boards here and on the UK MF site) that unless the money comes from a tax-qualified retirement plan, recognized by the IRS, there can be no possibility of a transfer. It appears no foreign plan meets that proviso, so that would seem to preclude any transfer to a US tax retirement vehicle.

Are there any UK teachers/expats living in the USA who have tried to transfer their pension from the UK, and what degree of success have you had? Have you found other options?

I've contacted Mowden Hall (UK teachers superannuation administrators) about this but, so far, they have not been much help.

Thanks, Dennis

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I am just curious to know what makes you think it is better to retire in USA on a teacher's retirement savings as opposed to some one else who posted earlier from Sweden and who appears to be pretty well off anywhere.

In general the retirees from US are the ones who seek to live abroad due to lower cost of living compared to US.

I would rather like you to tell us how can a retiree from US live in UK to take advantage of its universal health plan.
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